More people in fewer cars.

uberPOOL brings more people into fewer cars with its revolutionary ability to to match up to 3 riders heading the same direction into one Uber trip. 


Base Fare: ₱40.00

Per Minute: ₱2.00

Per KM: ₱5.00

MInimum Fare: ₱40.00

Cancellation Fee: ₱100.00


Earn more with uberPOOL! The service for uberX is at 25%, but with uberPOOL, the service fee is 10% for unmatched rides and 35% for matched ones and you can get as many as 3 riders at a time. 

Minimum Vehicle Requirements:

  • Year Model: Must be at least 3 years old from the date of current application as per LTFRB Regulations (ex. If it is 2016, your car can only be 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016. If already registered, your vehicle can be used up until its model reaches 7 years old)
  • Body Style: Any with 4 full, independently opening doors
  • Seating: Must have seats AND seat belts for driver and 4 passengers
  • No Cosmetic damage or missing pieces
  • No commercial branding or taxi color paint jobs
  • No large passenger vans or commercial/Heavy Duty trucks

Need a car? 

Be part of uberMATCH where we can help you look for a vehicle so you can start driving as soon as possible.