uberDOST App

The UberDOST app makes referring your friends to drive on Uber easier! You can expand your network on the move and encourage people during any time of your day. With the app, you hold the opportunity to make a difference to more lives than one and receive more benefits than you give. 

It's easy to do and it's especially easy to start -- all you need is an android phone and a moving finger!


 Setting Up Your UberDOST Account

Step 1: Open the application and click on the "Register" button to sign yourself up for an UberDOST account.

Step 2: Fill in the fields with your details and tap on "Register" to create your account.

Once you've successfully created your account, you can start referring!

*If you have an existing Uber partner account, you can skip the sign up process and go straight to signing in.

Referring Your Partners

Step 1: Tap on "Refer a Driver" to start setting up an account for your partner.

Step 2: Fill in the fields with your partner's details and tap on "Next" to continue.

Step 3: Choose your preferred onboarding option. (whether you'd prefer to continue the application physically by going to an Uber activation center or online by using the UberDOST mobile app)


If chosen to continue the application online:

Step 4:  Input the e-mail and password of your partner to create their account.

Step 5: Select your preferred option on how you would like to partner with Uber. (You could either choose to drive your own vehicle or be partnered with someone through UberMATCH)

Step 6:  Review the terms provided and accept by tapping the "I accept/continue" button.

Step 7: Complete the application by uploading your partner's personal and vehicle documents.

Step 8: Tap on "Continue" to submit and you're done!