Sign-up for uberCOMMUTE

Become a partner with your non-professional driver's license!

For non-professional drivers, we have uberCOMMUTE. A new platform where you are able to recover your driving expenses through sharing your routing morning and evening trips with Uber riders. Learn about it more here.

(professional drivers are also still eligible to sign-up for uberCOMMUTE)

If you only have a non-professional license but want to pursue other uber products, we can help you get a professional license.

What do you need?

1. A driver with a valid Philippine non-professional or professional license

- Temporary driver's license (paper form) is accepted together with a valid ID with picture and date of birth.

2. A four-door vehicle that is 3 years old or newer
(e.g. if you are signing up in 2016, your vehicle must be a 2013 model or newer).

- Pick-up vans are not allowed on the system
- Vehicle Certificate of Registration (CR) and Proof of Vehicle Registration (OR) of the to-be-used vehicle should be provided

*Incase your OR/CR is unavailable, we also accept Sales Invoice. Please note that this is only valid for the first 135 days upon issuance of your Provisional Authoriy.

3. Smartphone that meets the minimum requirements


Missing a vehicle or driver? Not to worry! We can find you one here.

How to sign-up offline?

1. Bring all the needed documents to any of our nearby Activation Centers.

a.) Valid professional or non-professional driver's license
b.) Vehicle Certificate of Registration (CR)
c.) Proof of Vehicle Registration (OR)

2. Download the Uber Partner app and take your first trip!

How to sign-up online?

1. Create an account at

IMPORTANT: Select the "#ShareYourDrive" option

2. Submit the needed documents online

a.) Valid non-professional or professional Philippine driver's license
b.) Vehicle Certificate of Registration (CR)
c.) Proof of Vehicle Registration (OR)

Pictures of the documents should be properly taken and uploaded. Check below for examples of accepted photos and documents.

3. Download the Uber Partner app and take your first trip!

* Every account created will be automatically eligible for special incentive opportunities worth up to  ₱16,000 (more info here

Once you’ve submitted the above documents, we can begin processing your TNVS application. 

Sample Documents: