UberCOMMUTE is a revolutionary new addition to the Uber app that allows you to recover your driving expenses through sharing your routine morning and evening trips with Uber riders.

UberCOMMUTE will be available to and from specific cities below during weekday rush hours. 

To #ShareYourDrive, simply log into the Uber Driver app during these hours, indicate your final destination, and the app will show requests from rider-commuters heading to the same city at the same time. 

Start to #ShareYourDrive:

 1. Sign up on t.uber.com/commutePH. Register your details and just upload these documents online:

  • Vehicle proof of insurance
  • Vehicle official receipt or sales invoice
  • Vehicle certificate of registration (car must be 2006 or newer)
  • Driver’s license (professional or non-professional)

 2. Get activated! The Uber team will review your documents and submit your profile for background check. Your account may be activated within 5 working days.

 3. #ShareYourDrive. Once you’re activated, just download the Uber Driver App and start sharing your drive!


Frequently asked questions:

How are fares calculated?
All the trip fares accumulated will be directly deposited into your bank account every week. You savings should typically reflect in your bank account by Wednesday for the trips done in the last week (Monday to Sunday). Note that all trips will be subject to Uber’s 25% service fee.


The fare that rider-commuters pay is simply their share of the costs of the driver-commuters trip.

As a driver-commuter, how will I receive my savings?
All the trip fares accumulated, after deducting Uber’s 25% service fee, will be directly deposited into your bank account every week. You savings should typically reflect in your bank account by Wednesday for the trips done in the last week (Monday to Sunday)

What happens in the case of cash trips?
In case of cash trips, the cash collected by you is adjusted against the total fares earned and the difference is deposited directly into your bank account

How far will I go out of the way to pick up someone else?
uberCOMMUTE matches driver-commuters with other commuters needing a ride in the same direction. A driver-commuter understands that he or she may have to go a little out of the way, but we’ll make sure that it’s only a few minutes out of your way.

How do you know that riders are going in the same direction?
Rider-commuter are required to enter their destination when requesting an uberCOMMUTE. We’ll only match you with other commuters who are traveling to the same area.

How many riders are allowed at a time?
uberCOMMUTE allows the rider who booked to bring along 1 companion (maximum of 2 riders per pickup location). If two riders are picked up together, they must also be dropped off together. If more than two riders show up at a pickup point, kindly request that they cancel that trip and request an uberX.

What if a commuter doesn’t show up?
As a driver-commuter, we suggest that you wait one minute before calling. If the commuter still hasn’t showed up after another minute, cancel the trip and drive-on.

Can rider-commuters change their destination? 
No, with uberCOMMUTE dropoff locations are fixed. Commuters are not allowed to change their destination after they have requested a ride. If a commuter wants to change their destination, kindly request that they cancel and request another uberCOMMUTE.

Does my car need to be a specific model to become a driver-commuter?
It can be any make and model in good condition which was not manufactured earlier than 2006.  

As a driver-commuter, can I bring other people with me when I accept rider-commuters?
Unfortunately, you cannot bring another person with you when you are logged onto the Uber platform and accepting trip requests from rider-commuters.

As a driver-commuter, do I always have to accept rider-commuter requests?
Accepting a request is not compulsory, and there may also be instances when you don’t receive requests because, there were no rider-commuters heading in the same direction. However, we do encourage you to accept trips when you go online in order to make the most of your drive!

What do I do if a rider-commuter cancels the trip?
If the rider cancels the trip, your app will reroute back to your original route and you may also receive a cancellation fee of ₱50 (if the rider cancels 5 min after the request was made)

As a driver-commuter, when can I cancel a trip?
You can cancel trip only if three or more riders get into the car for ONE request in ONE location or if rider takes more than 2 mins to get into the car after you have arrived at the location

As a driver-commuter, can I choose what trips I accept?
No you cannot, our technology will connect you to the closest rider. You can decide to accept the trip, once accepted you shouldn’t cancel.

What are the safety features built into the app?
Uber’s product safety features will be on before, during and after the ride–such as the ability to see your driver and rider details in advance, GPS tracking, share my journey and the HELP button in case of an emergency.

How long will it take to pick up rider-commuters?
When you receive a request, you will also be notified how much more you may need to travel to pickup your co-rider. Most of the time, your travel time will not increase by more than 10 minutes.

What should I do if I have issues with my trip or fares?
The easiest way to reach us is through in-app support. Login to your driver app and go to HELP. Use the relevant section to contact our support.

Where and when can I learn more?
You can attend our infosessions in SMX, 3rd Floor SM Aura Premier Mall, BGC on weekdays from 12NN – 1PM, 4PM – 5PM, and 6PM – 7PM.