Tolls and Surcharges

Metro Manila

SLEX Toll Fees

All standard Metro Manila toll fees for the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) are to be added to riders’ fares (but paid for upfront and in cash by partner-drivers). For a list of SLEX tolls, please click here.

Surcharge for riders in the South

As we see more riders interested in using Uber in the southern part of the Metro, we want to make sure that Partner-Drivers are able to cover for their costs in a sustainable manner.In line with this, following surcharges are charged to riders on top of fares and existing toll fees if you enter and exit the following toll gates:

Surcharge for riders in the East Expansion Area (outside of Metro Manila)

With the expansion of Uber Manila’s coverage area, we’ve implemented an East Surcharge for trips that begin in Metro Manila and end in Cainta, and certain areas in Taytay, San Mateo, and Antipolo. For more details, click here.


 Entry Point

  Exit Point

                            Php 80.00

  • Skyway
  • Magallanes
  • C5
  • Bicutan
  • Sucat

                           Php 100.00

  • Skyway
  • Magallanes
  • C5
  • Alabang
  • Filinvest
  • Susana Heights

Make More ₱ During Surge

Watch this video to learn about surge and heat maps!  (video from this


During times of high demand, prices can go up – this is called surge pricing. Surge pricing helps increase the number of partner drivers online during times of extreme demand, increasing the chance that there will be cars available when riders need one most.


To do this, we add a surge multiplier. If prices are surging at 1.5X, that means a  ₱150 fare would now be a ₱225 fare! Uber’s commission does not change. Surge is most likely to occur during peak hours, big events and poor weather!


How surge looks like

To help you understand which areas are the busiest, the map will glow certain colours based on the level of demand.

Yellow = Moderate Demand

Orange = High Demand


The in-app map updates every few minutes so heading to a surging area may not guarantee a surged trip, but it’s a good indication of where there is high demand!