Toyota Financial Services

Many of you asked for it, and now it's here! Together with Toyota and the LTFRB, Uber Philippines is happy to announce that we now accept CPC applications for vehicles leased through Toyota Financial Services (TFS)!

If you already have a TFS vehicle under Uber, all it takes are these two steps:

1. Sign our consent form. This will serve as your permission for us to forward your documents to TFS.

2. Prepare your CPC documents by following our guide.


If you do not currently have a TFS vehicle under Uber, but are interested in using one, you may contact Toyota Financial Services directly to secure a consent form.

If you want to learn more about Toyota Financial Services, all info can be found at

You deserve to partner with us for the long-term - and now, leased vehicles will no longer hinder that. We're excited for you to keep on driving!