How to Refer

Make more cash by referring your friends to partner with Uber.

4 Easy Ways You Can Refer New Driver-Partners

1. Through the Uber Partner App

Step 1: Go to Earnings

Step 2: Tap on "Invite Drivers Now"
and choose the friends you would like to share you Invite Code with.

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2. Through the Uber Partner Dashboard

Step 1: Log-in at

Step 2: Go to "Invites" and choose the contact you would like to invite

Step 3: Share your Invite Code with those contacts

3. Through Your Own Sign Up Link

Check your own dashboard for your Invite Code and personally share this with your friends

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4. Through Our Partner Support Center

Personally accompany your friend to any of our Partner Support Centers to get them started

Referral 101

How much can I earn by referring my friends to Uber?

P3,000 per successful referral.

When will I receive my referral reward?

After your invitee has completed 30 trips with unique riders. Please note, that your invitee must have added your invitation code prior to completing 30 trips in order to be eligible for the payout.

If I’m a fleet partner (or vehicle operator), am I allowed to refer drivers in my fleet?

No, fleet partners or vehicle operators cannot refer drivers who end up working directly for them. However, if the invited driver decides to switch fleet partners, then the reward payout will progress.

If one person refers an operator and a driver, and that driver takes 30 trips, is it counted as two referrals or one?

It is counted as two referrals as long as the operator and the operator’s driver are not affiliated with the inviter.

If one person refers an operator, and that operator gets an existing driver, and that existing driver takes 30 trips under the operator, does that count as a successful referral?

Yes, it will count as one successful referral (i.e. the inviter will receiving a successful referral on the vehicle operator).