Here are some tips for riders that fall under PWDSS (Persons With Disability / Senior / Student)

What if the rider doesn’t have his/her PWD, Senior Citizen or Student ID with him/her?
Always complete the trip. If the rider is unable to present his/her ID on the trip, you should still complete the trip and immediately report that the ID was not presented during the trip so that we can reverse the discount for you and the rider at the end of the week.



How do I report that a rider was unable to present his/her PWD, Senior Citizen or Student ID?
Report the rider by following the steps below:

  1. Open your Uber Partner App

  2. Select the ‘ACCOUNT’ tab

  3. Select ‘HELP’

  4. Under the ‘Report an Issue’ section, select ‘Trips and Fare Review’

  5. Select the trip concerned

  6. Select ‘Issues with my fare’

  7. Select ‘Rider was unable to present a valid PWD, Senior Citizen or Student ID on the trip’ and input details of your trip

  8. When done, tap on ‘SUBMIT’ and we will get back to you within 24 hours.



What if the rider presents an ID but no discount is applied?
If you are not notified of any discount after accepting the request, no discount will be applied to your trip and riders should pay the whole amount. If you are on a cash trip, be sure to collect the whole amount with no discount.

Before the discount gets applied to a rider’s trips, s/he has to write in with his/her ID and s/he can do this in the app. Simply tell the rider to open his/her app and go to “Settings” > “Your Trips” > “I would like a refund" > “PWD / Student / Senior discount”. Once the ID has been verified, it guarantees an automatic discount reduction for future rides as long as the cardholder is able to present his/her ID on the trip.

What will it look like on my payment statement?
All PWD, Senior Citizen and Student discounts will be under ‘Incentives & Other Payments’. For the example below, the partner’s driver took 2 trips with the PWD, Senior Citizen, Student discount equating to PHP 60.80 and it is shown under ‘Incentives & Other Payments’.