New Partner Sign-up Rewards

Start off your partnership with us and receive up to P16,000 rewards without any Uber fee as well as other driver incentives on top of your weekly trip earnings!

Begin your partnership with up to ₱16,000 rewards! 

There's never been a better time to partner with Uber as we celebrate each of your milestones. By signing-up today, celebrating your first four milestones with special rewards is just a step away:

   ₱500 after account activation

✓  ₱1,500 after your first trip

✓   ₱2,000 after your first 30 trips

✓  ₱12,000 after your first 150 trips
     (or ₱4,000 after 100 trips)

From getting your account activated to your 150th trip, you have the opportunity to receive offers up to ₱16,000; no Uber fee, just cash added to your weekly trip earnings for each milestone achieved.

The milestones are simple, easy and can be achieved in as little as 14 days from your first trip.

Here's how to achieve your sign-up rewards:


If you miss one of the milestones, don't worry as you will still be eligible for the rest of them.

For example, if you're unable to take your first trip within one day of account activation, you are still eligible to receive up to 14,000 by completing 30 trips within 7 days of your first trip and 150 trips within 14 days of your first trip.

Take the first step and start your journey today.

Terms and Conditions:

  • For partners who qualify for these sign-up rewards, payment will be made on top of weekly trip earnings and they are not subject to any Uber service fee.
  • The offer is only applicable to new uberX and UberBLACK partners in Manila who have not yet completed a first trip. It is not applicable to uberCOMMUTE partners, new partner sign-ups in Cebu or partners with an existing account.
  • The offer is for a limited time only and terms are subject to change. See our FAQ below for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Am I eligible for the new partner sign-up rewards?

From Monday, November 7, all new partner sign-ups in Manila for uberX and UberBLACK are eligible to receive these rewards. This offer is not available to UberCOMMUTE partners, new partner sign-ups in Cebu or to partners with an existing account.


I signed up today. How can I earn ₱16,000?

Great, welcome to Uber! As a new partner, you’re eligible for four sign-on rewards:

  1. ₱500: Activate your account within 5 days of signing-up.
    • Your sign-up date is the day you created your account online.
    • Avoid disappointment and speed up your account activation by visiting one of our partner activation centers
    • All you need to get activated is your Professional Driver’s License and a copy of your Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR). If you do not have an OR / CR, we also accept a sales invoice.
    • You can also upload your documents at
  2. ₱1,500: Download the partner app and take your first trip within one day of getting your account activated.  

    Example: If you activate your account at 10am on Monday, you have until 11:59pm the next day (Tuesday) to take your first trip.
  3. ₱2,000: Complete 30 trips within 7 days from your first trip date.  

    Example: If you complete your first trip at 12pm on Wednesday, you have until 11:59pm on the following Wednesday to complete your 30 trip target.
  4. a. ₱4,000: Complete 100 trips within 14 days of your first trip; OR

    b. ₱12,000: Complete 150 trips within 14 days of your first trip.

    Example: if you complete your first trip at 12pm on Wednesday, you have until11:59pm on the following Wednesday to complete the 100 or 150 trip target.

Please note that all trips must be completed with unique riders.


How much Uber fee is taken from the sign-on rewards?

None! For every new sign-up milestone you achieve, 100% of the reward will be added to your weekly pay statement on top of the net earnings you make from your trips.


When will I be notified if I met the requirements for a reward and when will be I be paid?

All partners who qualify for one of the sign-on rewards will be notified every Tuesday and paid every Thursday.

Example:  If you sign-up on Monday, November 14th, get your account activated on Thursday, November 17th and take your first trip on Friday, November 18th, you will qualify for the Account Activation (₱500) and First Trip Completion (₱1,500) rewards. You will be notified via SMS on Tuesday, November 22nd and paid the ₱2,000 in rewards (on top of your net trip earnings) on Thursday, November 24th.

Following these rewards, you will still be able to go for the 30 trip and 100 or 150 trip completion rewards in the following weeks.


I did not meet the account activation or first trip rewards, can I qualify for any other of these sign-on bonuses?

Yes! The sign-on rewards are not mutually exclusive as long as you signed-up on or after November 7, 2016 and don’t have any other existing Uber partner accounts.

For example, if you didn’t activate your account within 5 days of signing-up, you still have the opportunity to earn ₱15,500 by completing your first trip within one day of activation and then 30 trips within 7 days of your first trip and 150 trips within 14 days of your first trip.


What trips count towards my total trip requirement total?

All completed trips with unique riders count towards your trip total. This includes all uberPOOL trips. For example, if you complete an uberPOOL trip that was matched 2 times, 3 trips will be counted to your total (1 from your initial rider and 2 from your matched riders).


I signed up before November 7th. What rewards am I eligible for?

At this time, our new driver sign-up rewards are only applicable to those who signed up on or after November 7th, 2016.