Provisional Authority

About PA

The PA (Provisional Authority) is a temporary permit to operate as a TNVS, valid for 45 days and renewable for up to 135 days.

(Since the PA is only temporary, Uber partners must apply for a CPC or Certificate of Public Convenience that allows you to operate your Uber vehicle for up to 7 years. A PA is required to apply for a CPC. To apply for a CPC, click here.)

The steps to applying for a PA are as follows:

Prepare all the documents listed below. Download our DOCUMENTS GUIDE and follow all guidelines properly.

  • Professional Driver's License*
  • Official Receipt/Certificate of Registration (OR/CR)*
  • Proof of Filipino Citizenship*
  • Notarized Special Power of Attorney between Vehicle Owner and Uber.

  • Notarized Special Power of Attorney between Vehicle Owner and Uber Partner**

For Corporations:

  • Scanned Copy of all pages of Certificate of Registration from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

  • Scanned Copy of all pages of Articles of Incorporation and BY-Laws

  • Scanned Copy of all pages of Board Resolution and Secretary Certificate authorizing the representative to sign the CPC Application on behalf of the corporation

*You only need to submit documents that you did not use in creating your partner account.

**Special Power of Attorney is needed between Vehicle Owner and Uber Partner ONLY IF Uber Partner is not the owner of the vehicle. Only the Vehicle Owner may apply for TNVS.

REMINDER: Sales Invoice is accepted ONLY FOR PA application. If you will be using your Sales Invoice, remember that the Chassis Number = Frame Number = Serial Number. DO NOT USE MODEL NUMBER as this is not unique. This may be reason for void your entire TNVS application. Once submitted, you may check the TNVS tracker*** for the status of your application.

***Information updates to the tracker within 48 hours.

Scan or take pictures of your documents. Make sure that no documents are blurred or cut, as these documents will not be processed!

TNVS Application Fees

TNVS fees are paid to the LTFRB*. For a list of fees, please refer to the table below:

For vehicles in excess of 4, you will be charged another P1,500 per unit.

You will only be charged once we have submitted your application to the LTFRB. You shall be notified through your payment statements when we will be charging you. Payments are also made by a reduction of your weekly statements in three (3) consecutive weeks.