Level up your earnings with Multiplier Boost

No trip targets. No TPH needed. No need to track down all your trips. The best part — you can see how much your incentive in every trip receipt— introducing Multiplier Boost. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is "Multiplier Boost"?

Multiplier Boost is similar to guaranteed surge for a specific area at a certain time. This is a newly launched feature exclusive to Uber Partners to help you maximize your earnings even more! All your trips that will start within the red border will be multiplied by the Multiplier Boost for that place and time. It will not matter where your trip will end. 

All trips beginning outside of the red border will not have the Multiplier Boost. 

2. How does it work? 

  • Open the Uber Partner App. Make sure you have the latest version of the app. 

  • All areas within the red border have the Multiplier Boost. The multiplier number and the time it will be applicable is also seen in the map.

  • Click the card and scroll down to see more details of when and where the Multiplier Boost is. 

  • Click 'View All Promotions' to see the full schedule of the Multiplier Boost. 

3. What if there is also surge during that time? 

Multiplier Boosts can be offered at any time, during surge and non-surged periods.

If your city is surging during a Multiplier Boost time period, we will always pay out the higher multiplier, whether it is Surge or Multiplier Boost, to ensure you're making the most money possible while driving. Just remember, Boosts will only appear in your fare breakdown if the trip was requested in a Boost area.

If the Surge multiplier is higher than the Multiplier Boost, your fare breakdown will show the original fare plus Surge amount paid in full, and the Boost will show as Php0.00.

If the Boost multiplier is higher, the fare breakdown will show the original fare plus the surge multiplier paid in full, and the Multiplier Boost will be added on top of the difference between the current surge and Multiplier boost offer.

4. How is Multiplier Boost calculated?

Let's take a look at this example: 

Current Surge: 1.2x

Current Multiplier Boost offer: 1.6x

Uber Service Fee: 25% 

Since the original surge is lower than the Multiplier Boost (1.2X vs. 1.6X), we get the difference of the Multiplier Boost and the Surge (1.6x-1.2x=0.4x) and multiply it to your original trip fare. 

Original fare: ₱ 62.45  

Difference between Multiplier Boost and Surge: 0.4018x

 ₱ 62.45 x 0.4018 = ₱25.09*

*Please note that Multiplier Boost calculations do not include tolls and surcharges.

5. What is the timing and location of Multiplier Boost based on? 

The Multiplier Boost is based on the time and location the rider REQUESTED the trip.

6. Are there any other requirements for "Multiplier Boost"? E.g. TPH, Acceptance rate, Completion rate requirements

For Multiplier Boost, there are typically no qualification requirements. As long as a trip was requested within a Multiplier Boost zone and on a qualifying product (uberX and uberPOOL), you will be eligible for the Boost!

7. Which Products is ‘Multiplier Booster’ available to?

Currently, Multiplier Boosters are available for uberX and uberPOOL. 

8. Is service fee deducted from the Multiplier Boosts?

Service fee is not deducted from your Multiplier Boost payout. The Boost is calculated from the fare, excluding any rider fees, surcharges and tolls.

9. Will I receive incentives for trips on Star Power/ Driver Destinations?
Trips received and completed towards your destination will be excluded from any incentive.