Momentum Perk: AON Insurance

We are pleased to announce the launch of Aon for UBER Driver Partner's Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Program, arranged by Aon Philippines. It's a one-stop shop dedicated to provide insurance services to you.

Stay secured with comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covering Own Damage, Theft, Third Party Liabilities, Acts of Nature, Strikes, Riots, and Civil Commotion for as low as PHP 13,021 per year. On top of this, there can be additional benefits such as Loss of Income and Loss of Use. Other benefits are already included for FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is AON?

AON is a leading global provider of risk management, insurance brokerage, and human resources solutions and outsourcing services. Aon has arranged a comprehensive motor car insurance for as low as PhP 13,021 for vehicles amounting to PhP 800,000 exclusively for Uber Partners. On top of this, Aon is offering additional benefits such as loss of income, loss of use, and security of cover while you use the vehicle to transport passengers in Uber.


Q: Who's qualified? How will I know if I'm qualified?

All new and existing active drivers may request for a quotation at the Partner Support Center, the Square at Greenfield District Mandaluyong. All you have to do is pay the annual premium to get you and your car covered.


Q: When will this be available to Uber Partners?

This is already available at the Partner Support Center, the Square, Greenfield District Mandaluyong, from Mondays to Saturdays, 10AM-6PM, and will continuously be so for all active Uber Partner-Drivers. You can also enrol online by sending an email to


Q: Will the policy cover an accident even if it was used for TNVS?

This policy was specifically designed for the use of UBER Partners. So, it will cover an accident even if the vehicle is used for TNVS.


Q: How do I enrol in the insurance program?

To get started on AON, you can either pay a visit to the Partner Support Center, the Square, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong (Monday to Saturday, 10AM-6PM), or send an email to with the following information:

  • Address
  • Email address
  • Contact Numbers
  • Exact Vehicle Model
  • Mortgage (if there is any)

Send the following as attachments:

  • ORCR or Sales Invoice
  • Driver's License

An AON representative should get back to you on the status of your application as soon as possible!


Q: Why should I choose AON over other insurance policies?

Below is a table of coverage and benefits from various motor vehicle insurance sources:

Q: What type of motor damage is covered under a comprehensive policy?

The Comprehensive Policy will cover damage to the insured motor vehicle and its accessories and spare parts due to the following:

  • Accidental collision or overturning, or collision or overturning consequent upon mechanical breakdown or consequent upon wear and tear;
  • Fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning;
  • Typhoon, flood, earthquake;
  • Burglary, housebreaking or theft;
  • Malicious damage;
  • Whilst in traffic (including processes of loading and unloading) incidental to such transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator;
  • Acts of nature such as Typhoon, Flood, Earthquake, etc


Q: Does a Comprehensive Policy cover Acts of Nature?

Yes, the insurance program designed for UBER Driver Partners already includes coverage against acts of nature such as Typhoon, Flood, Earthquake, etc.


Q: What does Loss of Use cover?

All transportation expenses up to the maximum limit indicated on the policy while the Motor Vehicle is undergoing repair due to accident, subject to submission of receipt or proof that the amount has been disbursed.