Upload Your Driver Profile Photo

Learn about uploading your profile photo and photo guidelines

As part of our effort to make the signup process available from wherever you are, we are allowing drivers to upload their own profile photo, as long as they conform to the guidelines stipulated below.

It is important that your profile photo:

  • Is colored
  • Is not a scan or a camera photo of another photo
  • Shows your entire face from the top of the head to the bottom of the neck
  • Was taken within the last 6 months to show your present appearance
  • Shows your entire face facing the camera
  • Was taken against a background that doesn’t take too much attention away from your face
  • Shows you smiling in the photo
  • Takes you in your daily appearance
    • Do not wear any headgear (hat, cap, etc) that blocks your hair or hairline
    • Your photo needs to show your entire face
    • Devices, such as headphones, earphones, wireless hands-free devices, should not be visible in the photo
    • Do not wear glasses or shades or sunglasses
    • Remove any accessory or piece of jewelry that blocks your face (cap, hat, shades)