Certificate Of Public Convenience

About CPC

For a hassle-free experience, our third-party service providers can claim certain documents for you instead! More details can be found here.

The CPC (Certificate of Public Convenience) is an official permit to operate as a TNVS, valid for 1 year and renewable for up to 7 years.

Since the CPC may take some time to process, Uber partners may operate under a PA first, which lasts for only 45 days. Details for PA applications can be found here.

Once you have submitted the requirements of your PA, we encourage you to start preparing your CPC requirements ahead of time so as to make the process as quick and easy for you as possible! Your CPC requirements should be submitted within your first 30 days of operating in order to avoid any future complications.

The steps for CPC application are as follows:

Step 1

Prepare all the documents listed below. Download our DOCUMENTS GUIDE and follow all guidelines properly.

1. SIGNED Specimen Signature Template

2. NOTARIZED Certification Regarding Litigation, Proceedings and Investigation

3. 2x2 colored photo of the TNVS Applicant

4. Proof of Financial Capability

  • May include Bank Certificate with cash in bank of at least 10,000 at least during previous month, Bank Statements for last two months, or Passbook indicating transactions for last two months.

5. Location Map of Garage (indicating full address)

6. Valid Professional Driver's License of ALL drivers.

  • Expired Driver’s Licenses will not be processed.

7. Valid PNP Clearance of ALL drivers

  • This expires very fast. Make sure to claim it right before submission to avoid any future problems. Expired PNP Clearances will not be processed.

For the next three documents, you may have our partner, R+, claim these for you!

More details on this can be found here. If you choose not to avail of this, you will have to claim these documents manually:

8.  A business permit

For Individual:

  • DTI Certificate of Business Name Registration of Individual

For Corporation:

  • Board Resolution of company
  • SEC Certificate of company
  • Articles of Incorporation of company      
  • For Corporations, you will be contacted as to how to submit the latter 3 requirements.

9.  Certificate of Registration with BIR (Form 2303). 

  • Note: Application for Registration (Form 1901-1904) is not accepted.
  • If Earning Purely Compensation Income: Form 1700
  • If Self-Employed: Form 1701
  • Other: Form 2307 (Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld at Source)
  • * BIR Form 2316 is not accepted
  • *TIN ID is not accepted
  • **For OFWs and others who require BIR Form 2303, there are additional requirements that differ per BIR branch. For example, BIR in Bonifacio Global City requires the following:

  • OR/CR
  • Birth/Marriage Certificate
  • DTI

Contact your chosen BIR branch for further details.

For those who wish to avail of R+'s services, you must provide your DTI Business Name Certificate and Mayor's Permit. 

10 Valid NBI Clearance of ALL drivers. Expired NBI Clearances will not be processed.

Step 2

Scan or take pictures of your documents. Make sure that no documents are blurred or cut, as these documents will not be processed! Then, accomplish the following:

  • For partners who have signed up with us before June 1, 2016, submit all required forms here.

  • For new partners online from June 1, 2016 onwards, contact PricewaterhouseCoopers Resources Plus (R+) at (02) 459-3030 or tnvsassist@ph.pwc.com

Step 3

For those who have not yet submitted their OR/CR named to the applicant/partner, submit this by updating your Partners Profile page.

For those with leased vehicles, follow the steps here.

Step 4

For new partners online from June 1, 2016 onwards, contact a third party contractor will call you regarding the processing of your CPC requirements. 

For old partners who have been online with us since before June 1, 2016, please click the button below to submit your application. 

If you are not able to complete your requirements before your final hearing date, there will be additional costs for re-application. Thus, we encourage you to submit your complete requirements within your first 30 days online.

We look forward to getting you on board!

For additional questions, please email partnersmanila@uber.com. Thank you very much!