Sherwin Allan Sikat


    The one thing Uber strives for is to give riders and drivers something different. For riders, we offer them a different way or alternative to conventional transportation. For partners, we offer them a different way to earn on their own times.

    Sherwin was looking for something different, and found himself an Uber Partner-Driver. With Uber everyday is different, different places, different stories, and different people. As an Uber Partner-Driver, Sherwin is able to interact with people from all walks of life and even helped a rider with her first job interview. Uber also gives him the ability to also work on his new business, “Sikat”.

“Sikat”, is a homegrown brand that produces salted egg potato chips at a farm in Malabon, that aims to be exactly as it's named “famous” all throughout the country for its exceptional taste and different take on the norm.